Literacy Inset & CPD

flexible and bespoke

All literacy inset courses can be tailored to your school and presented to teachers, subject specialists, coordinators & SLT; delivered as demonstration lessons to pupils; or offered as talks to parents & wider stakeholders.

Designed to effect measurable attainment progress

All courses are designed with pupil and cohort progress in mind.

Courses available throughout the year

Courses available as twilight, ½ day, full day; throughout the school year.


English & Literacy Inset Courses

Using Lego to Scaffold Writing

½ Day or twilight

Exploring how to use Lego to aid plot structure, planning, descriptive writing, characterisation, dialogue, story editing and collaborative creative writing and discussion.

From £300

English Using Storytelling

½ Day OR 1 Day

Looking at how to inject personality, changes of pace and anecdotes into the teaching of texts and genre writing – to help encourage enthusiasm and produce confident writers.

From £350

Developing Reading for Pleasure

1-2 Days

This course explores how to develop a ‘reading for pleasure’ culture – at school and at home – and how this can be integrated into your existing provision.

From £900


School Development Courses

Assessment of English

1 Day

How to ensure marking, assessment, progress measurement and tracking is effective, manageable and useful for leaders, coordinators, teachers and stakeholders.

From £600

Approaches to Differentiation

½ day or Twilight

Innovative forms of differentiation: motivation, choice, responsibility, dialogue & digital; and improving outcomes with personalised learning strategies.

From £300

Engaging Parents in Literacy

½ Day or Full Day

Your school’s secret weapon for improving and maintaining literacy standards – your parental body. Includes advice on VLEs, resources and opportunities for involvement.

From £400


Innovative Curriculum Courses

Getting Pupils to Think

1 Day

This course introduces philosophy, rhetoric, correlation, causation and structuring a cogent argument in public speaking or writing. Designed for pupils aged 7-12.

From £750

PSHE Through Picture Books

½ Day or Twilight

Children can find personal and emotional themes in primary PSHE difficult to discuss. Experiencing situations through characters and stories offers an accessible solution.

From £300

KS2&3 Digital Photography

½ Day or 1 DAY

This practical course explores exposure, composition, processing, editing and digital printing. Digital photography can be a great way to extend topic and project work.

From £400


Course Objectives & Outcomes


DFE Standards for Professional Development

All literacy inset is geared to directly improving pupil outcomes.


Encouraging Reflective Practice

Practical ideas to help explore, evaluate & improve your teaching.


How to Create an Evidence Base in Your School

Tried and tested methods to evidence pupil progress in literacy.


Ongoing and Refresher Courses Available

Course dates can be spread over time to ensure sustained CPD.


Coherent & Cohesive

Courses stress integration with wider curriculum development.


SLT, Coordinators, Teachers and Wider Stakeholders

Courses can be tailored to your training and development targets.


Bespoke Consultancy and Advisory Services

For Literacy / English Teachers

twilight, ½ day and 1 day

Courses for teachers focus on practical techniques and ideas to improve literacy engagement and attainment in the classroom – in literacy lessons and across the curriculum.

For Coordinators / HODs

½ day and 1-2 days

Courses focus on tracking, measuring progress, reducing marking, communicating to parents, and involving wider stakeholders to create a reading for pleasure culture in your school.

For SLT / School Managers


Courses for SLT highlight how to integrate literacy targets with your SDP and inspection targets; improve literacy across the curriculum and develop useful cross and co-curricular links.


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Excellent work. Very fast. (Meta analysis of literacy & CPD related trends in Ofsted reports over last 18 months.)

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Kit S

Leading CPD course designer for UK secondary schools

Some great suggested reading … a fantastic selection of exciting books from easy reads to more challenging titles.

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