Thomas Tolkien

Education Consultant


Thomas Tolkien is an education consultant.

He is the editor of and

A highly skilled, qualified, experienced and innovative former teacher & senior manager based in Cornwall and Yorkshire, he has over 25 years of experience working in UK primary & secondary schools and education.

Thomas Tolkien qualifications

Highly Qualified

BA (Hons) PGCE, UPS3, Google Educator, NAACE certificated.

Editor of children's literature websites

Education Website Editor

Editor of a leading UK children’s book recomendation website.

Top rated teacher

20 Years of Excellence

KS1, KS2 & KS3 in primary, prep and secondary settings.


Inset Courses, CPD training and Improvement Advice

Education Consultant Cornwall

Raising Literacy Attainment

1-5 day consultancy

Tailored and practical advice based on your exisiting curriculum provision; and delivered through presentations, seminar discussions and workshops with your leadership and teachers.

From £1500

Creating a reading for pleasure culture in KS2 and KS3

Creating a reading culture

Twilight, ½ day or 1 day

How to sell reading to the reluctant child, how to create an vibrant book-based culture in your classrooms and develop a love of reading amongst your pupils, parents and school staff.

From £400

Surveys and quizzes for Zoom

Surveys and quizzes for evidence

Twilight, ½ day, and online

Surveys and self-marking assessment are great ways to improve engagement with pupils, staff, and parents. This course looks at a variety of ways to embed into the curriculum.

From £300

Book Today!

Ready to go packages, bespoke training, over 1-5 days, half days or twilight sessions; delivered in school to small groups or large multi school audiences. Check availability.


Why Hire Me As Your Education Consultant?

Education consultant based in North Yorkshire. Education consultant based in Cornwall.

Felixible travel

I’m based in North Yorkshire and Cornwall, but can travel further if costs and accomodation are paid for.

Primary school improvement advisor and troubleshooter

Remote curriculum improvement advice

A fresh pair of eyes. I can audit and advise on your POS and SOWs; subject development plan target ideas, and cross and Key Stage co-curricular links.

Literacy and IT education consultant

Innovative Use of Media and IT

As an experienced web designer, photographer and videographer I always look for opportunities to spice up literacy with effective and accessible IT ideas.

How to evidence staff development and improvement in primary schools

Evidence for staff performance management

All courses are designed with evidence for PM, CPD targets, and the DfE Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development in mind.

Flexible CPD and inset delivery for KS2 and KS3

On-site advisory and course develiery

Audits, improvement advice, inset, CPD for staff development, demonstration lessons and workshops for pupils can be booked in bespoke packages.

How to improve staff engagement in primary schools

Encouraging staff collaboration

Courses can be booked as collaborative seminars or practical workshops to promote long term staff engagement and wider professional discussion.


Popular Courses

How to improve primary school reading

1-5 days inset and consultancy

Enlivening your English curriculum

Ideal for coordinators, HODs, SLT and MATs, this course is school based and provides opportunites to enliven English in KS1-3 in the long, medium and short term.

1-5 day consultancy, in school or online

Literacy cross-curricular linking

Book expert advice on choosing books for topics, sourcing resources, and linking together disparate curriculum strands to facilitate coherent and meaningful learning.


Why Book Thomas Tolkien Education Consultant?


20 years of teaching experience

I’ve taught primary KS2 and KS1 and secondary KS3.


Experience in independent and state sectors

I’ve worked as a classteacher, coordinator, HOD and SLT.


Located in North Yorkshire and Cornwall

I can also travel anywhere if accomodation and mileage is paid.


Cutting-edge expertise

I’m the editor of, a leading children’s book recommendation website.

How to book a leading literacy education consultant
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VLEs by education consultant Thomas Tolkien

Learn At School or at Home

Online Learning & VLEs

Do you need help setting up your new VLE? Do you need strategies to encourage your staff, parents and pupils to engage with online learning? I am an education consultant and an expert in designing and delivery home learning portals, with experience creating and maintaining bespoke VLEs, writing content for platforms and desigining self marking and auto tracking curriculum modules.

About US

My Experience

Thomas Tolkien’s experience as an education consultant encompasses 20 years in teaching, inset provision, course development, running a successful education website, online and print resource creation, textbook writing, commissioned audit and report writing and e-safety expertise.

Pupils Taught

Lessons delivered

Inset hours DeveLoped

Words written


What My Clients Say

Testimonial about Thomas Tolkien

Excellent standard of work and prompt delivery. (Commissioned writing of lesson content for and policy documents covering the use of social media by staff .

Kodo Education

Rebecca J

Kodo Education (shortlisted for BETT award in 2014)

Testimonial about Thomas Tolkien

It was wonderful to observe a lesson that really pushed the children to think beyond the obvious … it was great to see a freedom and a pushing of the boundaries in Year 6.

Headteacher of IAPS prep school

IAPS headteacher

3-11 school judged ‘outstanding’ in recent inspection.


Flexible, Tailored & Personalised CPD & Consultancy

Bespoke education consultancy

Bespoke off-site consultancy

Advice, ideas, audits, critiques, curriculum editing, improvement suggestions, engagement inspiration, assessment strategies and practical experience can be set up remotely – by Skype, phone, email; or a combination of off-site and on-site.

Onsite education CPD

On-site CPD and training

All courses can be held and delivered on your site, during term time or during pre-term inset days. Fees are not dependent on the number of staff or schools attending. Schools can decide to ticket events to cover costs, with no surcharge.

How much does literacy inset cost?

Fees & day rates

Courses can be booked for twilight, 1/2 day, full or multiple days; for small or large groups of teachers; wider stakeholders; or as workshops for pupils. Prices range from £300 for a twlight session to £1000 for a complex bespoke training day.


Frequently Asked Questions

We're an international school. Do you travel?

Yes, subject to organisation of visas; agreed travel and accommodation, and provision of required resources on site.

Will you deliver inset to more than one school?

Yes. Courses can be delivered to small groups, whole school staff, or large audiences. Courses can also be tailored for conference keynotes breakout sessions and specific workshops.

Can't see the course you are looking for?

No problem! Let me know, and if there’s sufficient demand, or you would prefer a bespoke package, I will develop the course you are looking for.

Do you offer troubleshooting or off-site consultancy?

Yes. Remote consultancy, written audits, reports, critical appraisals of documents, development plans, curriculum materials, and policies are available as consultancy services. Let me know what you need and we can discuss further.

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Want to know more? Ready to book a course? Need a bespoke inset idea developed to fruition by a top education consultant? Press the buttons below!

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